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What is a MikroKopter?

MikroKopter are electrically driven, universal flying platforms that are ideal for aerial photos and videos. The electronic stabilization makes the controlling and steering very easy. MikroKopter are equipped with GPS and can automatically hold position and altitude and even fly to GPS coordinates locations automatically.



The most successful model MikroKopter 'OktoKopter XL' is now available 'ready to fly ' including GPS navigation.

It can carry cameras up to 2.5kg and remain in the air about 20-30 minutes depending on the payload and lipo-capacity.

All functions of the MikroKopter can be controlled from the transmitter. This also provides the telemetry flight data on a display and by voice output. Also the camera can be controlled from the transmitter (photo or video release and even zoom functions).

The live image from the camera is transmitted over a wireless connection to a monitor. So the pilot always sees the current image.

Compared to a QuadroKopter with four motors, a OktoKopter with eight motors has redundancy and can carry more payload. When an motor would fail on an OktoKopter, it can still be flown and landed.

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