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FlightCtrl 3.0 Upgrade event

We reward all loyal customers with a special offer:

For the next 2 months (July and August) we take back your old FlightCtrl and your old NaviCtrl (no matter what version), in return we sell our Flight Ctrl. 3.0 with an discount of 40%.

Learn more about the technical facts of  the FlightCtrl 3.0...

This is how it works:

1. Order the Flight Ctrl. 3.0 in our shop (please check if you need additional hardware - an external compass, GPS or a servoadapter for example)

2. Please send us your (functional) old Hardware together with our RMA-formular. Use your order number as RMA number.

3. After your old hardware arrived us we will check it for funcionality and send you an brand new Flight Ctrl. 3.0

>>> Order the Flight Ctrl. 3.0 here

Please note that the FlightCtrl V3.0 requires an external compass or a current GPS with integrated compass for operation.