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Digicopter Showreel

The TV production company Digicopter from Hannover is like many others in the film- and television industry, and uses MikroKopter. The latest show reel shows it very impressive:


Exciting chase scenes ...

unusual perspectives, images from a bird's perspective. This and much more are possible applications of the MikroKopter. Our multicopter platform is therefore used by many film and commercial productions all over the world.

Various TV-broadcasters and organizations (such as ARD, Pro7, RTL, BBC), already use MikroKopter in TV-series, documentaries, commercials and other recordings.



Example production of commercials for swimwear. Produced by a MikroKopter in Australia.


Gwanggaeto the Great

An elaborate TV production with numerous aerial shots from a MikroKopter. The series shows the 19th Monarch of Goguryeo (Korea), who reigned around the year 400.


"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (Germanys Idol)

The MikroKopteris used in for the successful casting show on the Maldives and Curacao. Many aerial shots are used for the HD-Video production.