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Surveying and Geodesy

The use of Multikopter opens up the field of surveying and geodesy with new applications and increases the efficiency of conventional ways of working. In particular, in the gap between shots with manned aircraft and ground-based measurement technology (GPS, total stations, laser scanning, etc.) there are clear benefits: large-scale orthophotos, detailed height- and volume models as well as the data basis for the generation of local 3D models, can be generated mostly by aerial surveys with Multikopter.

In addition to the flight technical know-how and the right equipment, interdisciplinary knowledge in geodesy, photogrammetry and engineering is required for this. Geospector meets these requirements with over 20 years of experience as an engineering office, in an ideal way. For flight systems, the technique of Mikrokopter is used, because it is mature and extremely reliable in everyday projects. On the other hand it can be integrated through the open system architecture and interfaces well into the overall system.

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Example: From the real ruins to the 3D model

For example, a comprehensive documentation was created on the occasion of reorganization measures of a ruined castle [Overall view], which shows the situation before and after a partial reconstruction. Besides the Multicopter Flight Shots, the data material and images were also used from the ground and from a high tripod to get a complete coverage of those complex structures.

The procedure is as follows:
  • Calibration of ground-based reference points by using GPS and total station [soil survey]
  • Flight route by waypoints (about 200 vertical and oblique views) [ground station]
  • Operational flight by Mikrokopter Okto and a calibrated Sony system-camera [flight Oktokopter MK]
  • Georeferencing (position, camera-angles) and post-processing of the images
  • Generating a high-density point cloud on a photogrammetric workstation [evaluation]
  • Manual cleanup and post-processing of the point cloud
  • Recovery of the final products: orthophoto and 3D models

To illustrate the process here a visualized photo gallery:

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.mikrokopter.de/files/thumb/9e9818bcf28c61b/1000" href="http://www.mikrokopter.de/files/thumb/9e9818bcf28c61b/1000" rel="lightbox[gal]" title="Einmessung" bodengebundener="" referenzpunkte="" mittels="" gps="" und="" totalstation"="">             

The orthophoto is a scaled and equalized "vertical image" with 150 mega pixels and with a ground resolution of 0.5 centimeters. The accuracy of the position and of all pixels in relation to the systems of land surveying, it is consistently better than two centimeters. The orthophoto can be  used directly as a basis for the creation of a highly accurate floor plan of the castle. As a side-product in the photogrammetric evaluation on an elevation model,  it can be used for example in the case of gravel pits or quarries for volume determinations.

The 3D model [model mesh, texture model] is rotatable around all three axes anywhere in space.In addition to visualization and presentation purposes it can be transferred directly to the involved
CAD systems planners. Therefor the identification and establishment of the remedial measures are simplified.