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The CamCtrl is our latest innovation and is based on the Lanc Ctrl which is now replaced by the CamCtrl. Among other things the CamCtrl can handle now the new multi-protocol and has also a data bus interface to the Navi Ctrl.

Features :
  • supports now both SONY protocols
  • starts ansd stops videos – triggers photos
  • zoom function ( also the photo camera )
  • Camera will be switched on automatically, while the camera was in sleep-mode
  • it prevents the camera to go into the sleep-mode
  • If the camera supports analog video it can be tapped via a 3-pin Molex output directly to the video transmitter.
  • You can connect an external status LED

Furthermore you can connect the CamCtrl Interface via I2C-bus to the NC and read the status. In this way you can display at the transmitter i.e.:
  • recording in progress
  • zoom is active
  • camera took xxx photos – camera is „on“ or „off“ (i.e. Battery is empty)
  • camera is in „photo mode“ and can not record videos right now
  • cable to the camera is not plugged in. Appropriate information you can find in the Wiki.

Further information you can find here.

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If the camera can be triggered via a remote cord, our Shuttercable can be used. Connected to the switch output of the MikroKopter, the trigger can be used by the ground station or even by waypoints.

More information can be found here.


IR Control

Many photo, video, thermal imaging cameras can be controlled via IR remote control. Here our IR-Ctrl can be used. It can be programmed (and teached) for your camera. So you can use different functions such as as trigger, zoom, record start / stop, etc.

More information can be found here.