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        Automatic Panoramas
With the flick of a switch on the RC transmitter, the copter can automatically take a panorama, rotating and tilting the camera to create a mosaic of appropriately overlapped images that can be stitched together like this to form a beautiful.

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        Inverse Panorama
With a Circle-of-Interest-Funktion (COI) it is possible to surround an object and aim with the camera at the center.
Perfect for video, documentation and 3D-measurements.

        Save a tracking shot
You can save 3D waypoints during flight with your RC transmitter and then command the copter to fly the same ground track repeatedly as you shoot multiple takes. You can adjust the ground speed from 0.1 meters/second to 10 meters/second with a rotary control or slider on your RC transmitter. You can even change batteries and recall a previously saved tracking shot.
        Point of Interest (POI) 3DWaypoints
For imaging ground-based features like buildings or other structures, you can program 3D waypoints around the particular point of interest and the copter will automatically turn to face the POI as it flies between the waypoint. Each waypoint is both a position and a height.
        Flexible autotrigger
A camera can be triggered by waypoints, time-controlled or distance-controlled. A picture every 15m, no matter the speed, is an easy task. This makes large-scale mapping child’s play. This feature can be combined with waypoint-flights -> flying all the corner points as waypoints of a given area will suffice to taking pictures with sufficient overlapping. This reduces the number of waypoints. With only 16 waypoints the same effectiveness can be achieved wherefore other systems would require hundreds of points.
        Automatic Camera Tilt Compensation
Copter motion is automatically removed so that the actual camera angle to the ground can be changed using a control on either the pilot’s RC transmitter – or a separate RC transmitter for the camera operator.
        Sony Camera Controls
Mikropkopters Sony LANC control allows the pilot or the camera operator to have full control of starting/stopping video recording, shooting still images, and zooming the camera lens in and out.

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Live Payload Video Downlinked to the Ground
The payload camera can downlink a wireless video feed so you can watch the video either on a monitor screen or using video goggles during the flight.

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