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        Take-off Weight and Payload
The Okto-XL weights 2.6 Kg, a typical LiPo battery is 0.75 Kg, a total of 3.35 Kg. In addition the Okto XL can carry a useful payload of 5.5 Kg.
        Open Interface
The serial protocol for controlling and configurating the MikroKopter is open and documented. Control the Copter with your own firmware via wireless telemetry intercace or an own controller on board.

        Long Flight Times
Depending on the weight of the aircraft and the batteries being used, copter flight times can be as long as 40 minutes. We provide free software that helps you predict what likely flight times will be.
        Instructor and Trainee Pilot Systems
Using Graupner HoTTT transmitters and receivers, there is no need for a “buddy cable” between the instructor and the student’s transmitter – it can all happen wirelessly. Better yet, specific channels for controlling the camera and even copter yaw control can be assigned wirelessly to a second transmitter for a camera operator.
        Safe and Easy Flight Operations
Flying a Mikrokopter multi-rotor copter is safe and easy because we have such features as Come Home (which brings the copter home at a preset altitude), CareFree Mode (which allows beginners to fly without worrying about control reversal), Automatic take-off and landing to make learning to fly safer, Failsafe (which brings the copter home on loss of contact with the RC transmitter) and Geo-fencing (which confines the copter to specific territory).
        Geo-Fencing for Safety
Mikrokopter provides programmable features that create an invisible cage in the sky. When enabled the copter will never fly outside this cage and can thus remain safely in view even when a novice pilot is flying the copter.

Almost Ready-to-Fly Copters
All you need do is unbox the copter, charge up some batteries and install the propellers on the copter and you are ready to fly.

        Mikrokopter Avionics Are Widely Used
Mikrokopter avionics boards are widely used on many different brands of copters – you may not see the Mikrokopter name, but it’s often there under the protective hoods. There are thousands of copters flying Mikrokopter avionics.

        Made in Germany
For the past 15 years, Mikrokopter has developed its own hardware and software for the Flight Control, Navigation Control, GPS, and Brushless Controllers. We pride ourselves on high quality hardware and software.

Easy Maintenance and Simple Modular Design
The Mikrokopter multi-rotor copters are easy to maintain and repair. They use interchangeable parts that are easy to replace without coming back to the workshop.