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The MK 6S12

As an alternative to our top product - the MK8 3500 - we can also offer you our long years approved 6S12 copter.
The scope of delivery in the basic model is only the stand alone copter - without transmitter, charging technology, gimbal etc.
So you can setup the drone according to your needs - we will be happy to advise you!

We have already put together a few sample setups for you on the following pages.

The main features of all setups are:

  • Payload up to 2,5kg
  • long flight time - depends on payload and configuration
  • Higher and more stable landing gear (30cm passing height)
  • More power efficiency with new motors (MK 3644) and new motor controllers (BL3.0)
  • More stability through a CFK cover of the frame
  • More safety through visual feedback of the Kopter during low LiPo power


A full list of all functions you will find on our Features page!