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Application examples

Achieving the necessary amount of points with conventional methods of geodesy and object surveying is only possible with enormous efforts of personell expenses and cost. Furthermore there are also risks to personnel and material.

Our MK-8 Geo takes the relevant data in mid-air high above the ground, which makes it possible to effortlessly survey even hard to reach objects. Our solution guarantees an extremely high ground resolution in the range of just few millimeters per pixel.

Example 1: From the real ruins to the 3D model

On the occasion of refurbishment measures of castle ruins an extensive documentation was created which shows the condition before and after partial reconstruction.

Example 2: Highlighting areas of water

By highlighting areas of water it becomes very easy to precisely survey them.

Example 3: Calculating Volume

In the following example, the volume of two sandhills is being calculated. By analyzing the image- and flight-data of the MikroKopter and the Camera, using suitable Software, the volume of the sandhills is being calculated in this example.

Example 4: Calculating ground-distance of a window in case of a fire

Accurate information can be lifesaving, especially in emergency situations. Unfortunately the view is often blocked and important information cannot be reached. The 6sGEO can be of great help in such situations, for example, with it the ground-distance of a window can be quickly calculated and passed along to the firefighters in case of an emergency so they know which aerial ladder to take.