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The MK8-3500 Geo

All-In-One solution in the field of surveying and geodesy

Achieving the necessary amount of points with conventional methods of geodesy and object surveying is only possible with enormous efforts of personell expenses and cost. Furthermore there are also risks to personnel and material.

Our 6sGEO takes the relevant data in mid-air high above the ground, which makes it possible to effortlessly survey even hard to reach objects. Our solution guarantees an extremely high ground resolution in the range of just few millimeters per pixel.

The MK8-3500 Geo Full Package

We put together this full package:

  • MK8-3500 Geo incl. high power batteries
  • SLR2 camera mount
  • specially customized Graupner MC26 HoTT ground station incl. transmitter desk
  • MK ‚Koptertool‘ software package for waypoint-based flight planning
  • Separated analogue 5.8Ghz Video RX / TX solution for live image transmission incl. Monitor and battery
  • Sony Alpha 6000 kamera
  • Transport box for the drone and the entire equipment
  • Range Extender for wireless telemetry transfer between PC / tablet and the drone
  • Graupner Dual Battery Charger
  • more security through redundancy
  • extensive, several hours flight lesson within the company

Our Multikopter solutions conforming to the statutory requirements of the Act on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (R & TTE) were by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) regarding successfully checked - with the result.:

The candidate corresponded - with all components (complete avionics, 5.8GHz video transmission system, RC-transmitter / receiver units) - the requirements placed on it!