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Antarctic - Reliability in harsh areas

The Thuringian Institute for Sustainability and Climate Protection examines on the 15.000 kilometer far away King George Island research on changes in penguin-populations,  commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency

Traffic research - Automatic evaluation of overtaking

Powered by HiSystems: On behalf of the Federal Highway Research Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute, in cooperation with Company Airclip developed a flight robot which can analyze  permanently overtakings. On this occasion it came to an daily airtime of about 9 hours.

Animal research - Whale research in the Pacific

A drone, equipped with MikroKopter Technology, is for the NOAA (Weather- and Oceanography Agency of the USA) in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquariumin use for the research of  whales.

Chilean Plateau - Reliability even in extreme heights

The Chilean filmmakers Company Octocam is working successfully for years with drones based on MikroKopter technology. Even under the most adverse conditions they succeed breathtaking filmings in the rough areas of the Chilean Plateau.

Search & Rescue - Life rescue from the air

Through image transfer in real time and high-resolution cameras with zoom functions MikroKopter will be used in finding missing people.

Wild life - Wildlife photography in Africa

With the MikroKopter shootings from a low altitude is possible without scaring the animals. The wildlife photographer Benny Rebeldemonstrates this very impressive during a shooting in  Africa.