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The MK8-3500 Standard

Proven technology, redefined

The now 4th generation of our universal carrier platforms combines proven MikroKopter control electronics with a new concept: More power, more flexibility and more security.

The full carbon frame of the MK8 is easy to disassemble, easy to transport and offers an unprecedented stability. 8 powerful brushless motors guarantee flight times of nearly 40 minutes – of course with full redundancy to ensure maximum safety for equipment and pilots.

What is a redundant flight system?

Redundancy means for the MK8-3500 that in case of a failure (for example, Lipo, sensor, motor, propeller, flight control, ...) during operation, the copter does not crash. For this reason the MK8-3500 is designed as Oktokopter.

The flight and navigation electronics is installed twice. In case of failure the system automatically switches to the reserve electronics. In this way we even meet the strict requirements of the Austrian Air Traffic Control „Austro Control“.

The MK8-3500 Standard Full Package starts at 13.900 EUR (incl. VAT)

We put together this full package:

  • MK8-3500 Standard incl. high power batteries
  • SLR1 camera mount
  • specially customized Graupner MC26 HoTT ground station incl. transmitter desk
  • MK ‚Koptertool‘ software package for waypoint-based flight planning
  • Separated analogue 5.8Ghz Video RX / TX solution for live image transmission incl. Monitor and battery
  • Range Extender for wireless telemetry transfer between PC / tablet and the drone
  • Graupner Dual Battery Charger
  • more security through redundancy
  • extensive, several hours flight lesson within the company

MK8-3500 Standalone (only copter & transportbox) starts at 11.900 EUR (incl. VAT)

Our Multikopter solutions conforming to the statutory requirements of the Act on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (R & TTE) were by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) regarding successfully checked - with the result.:

The candidate corresponded - with all components (complete avionics, 5.8GHz video transmission system, RC-transmitter / receiver units) - the requirements placed on it!