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Application examples

Example 1: Search & Rescue

In this example the MikroKopter is used to search for fawns. Every year many fawns die while mowing the fields, because they do not flee from the machines. Equipped with a thermal imaging camera and video transmitter, the MikroKopter helps in finding those animals. With a thermal camera you can see them as red dots, because they are warmer than the surrounded grass.

Example 2: Inspections of Photovoltaic systems

The company Kitawa is working successfully now since some time to inspect thermographic equipment and set likewise on MikroKopter technology. For this the drone is flying over the photovoltaic systems. In this way losses and inefficiencies can be found via live video transmission out of the air.

Example 2: Photovoltaic Inspection with the MikroKopter (Video)

The company Airinspector from Austria relies thermography inspections fully on MikroKopter technology. Among other constructional inspections of photovoltaic systems it can be done quick, easy and safe.