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License features


There are different license features to extend the functions of the MikroKopter:

Based on the standard license, you can  increase the range for the autonomous flight in 1000m increments.

If the copter is equipped with a parachute, then the Flight Control should be informed to stop all motors immediately in order to avoid knotting the parachute ropes.

In special applications, a continuation of the planned flight route is necessary - even when leaving the range of the remote control. For this there is the "Ignore RC lost" license feature.

If you want, you can also have your own name or company name displayed instead of "MikroKopter" in the transmitter or KopterTool.

Especially for programmers and universities there is the "Lib-Link" function. This allows you to compile the source code yourself and you can add your own extensions.

An overview of all available functions is available here ...

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