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Public Beta V2.21


Firmware V2.21 beta now with RTK system support

The serial NMEA data from a external RTK system can now be processed by the FlightCtrl.
The exact GPS position data can be logged on sd card for exact post processing.

The actual RTK status is transmitted via telemetry.

You can also use to RTK data for flight, also.

More information about the lastest beta version and RTK configuration is here:
RTK configuration for MikroKopter
Information betaversion

Autotrigger every  X meter without copter
It is now possible to use the AutoTrigger function without a copter.
You can use the flightCtrl+MKGNSS together is a vehicle to trigger a device every X meter for example.

Important NOTE:
Beta versions (recognizable by the odd version number) are testversions. We have already extensively tested these in standard configurations, but a malfunction in a particular configuration can not be ruled out. Use in productive systems is not recommended. HiSystems assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of the beta version.

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