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MK6S12 now starting at 3999 EUR, more products reduced


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The MK6S12 has been used for years in the professional field for a big variety of applications. It is a proven copter for various payloads  ( SLR camera for high-resolution floor pictures, a thermal camera or special measuring devices, ...)
Whether in the cold of the Antarctic, hot desert areas or flights in the high mountains or over the sea - the MK6S12 has already proven itself many times in various locations.

Due to its stable aluminum skeleton in combination with carbon, the weight is low and larger payloads can be carried.
Follow-up costs due to possibly necessary repairs or similar keep very limited due to the pragmatic frame structure.
The high load frame also allows the use of larger or bulky loads.
Of course, we also offer the adaptation of your individual wishes, e.g. special equipment.

The MK6S12 can also be purchased with a redundancy option, this means a failure of a component (e.g., lipo, sensor, motor, propeller, flight control, ...) during operation will not cause the copter to crash.
Especially when using high-priced payload a big plus in safety

The MK6S12 as a standalone without accessories (such as transmitter, gimbal, charger, etc.) is already available from 3.999 EUR (VAT included).
We are happy to assist you in putting together your own individual flight system - just ask us!

Other applications can be found on our product pages for the MK6S12.

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