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Bridges, towers or blades of a wind turbine - Many technical systems and buildings are preventively checked for visible damage.

Elaborate devices such as cranes, helicopters or person rappel devices are often used. With the MikroKopter you are able to carry out regular, quick and inexpensive inspections. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to make a decision in advance of evaluating the image material for further investigations using conventional methods.

Investigation of photovoltaic systems

By using thermography cameras, construction defects due to faulty insulation or defects in photovoltaic modules can be identified.


Forest inspection

The forest - a recreation area for humans and animals. But a forest also needs to be maintained and inspected. Here the MikroKopter can provide valuable help, for example when it comes to saving time. An interesting report on just one of the many applications can be read in the "Forst & Technik" (text only german).