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Wild animals

Aerial photographs of wild animals are usually taken with airplanes or helicopters. So that they are not frightened and take flight, a certain distance between the large and loud aircraft or helicopter and the wild animals is required

With the MikroKopter shootings from a low altitude is possible without scaring the animals. The wildlife photographer Benny Rebel demonstrates this very impressive during a shooting in Africa. Instead of escaping, the curious animals came closer to observe the "buzzing" MikroKopter. Benny Rebel created unique and stunning shots of fascinating wildlife.

The viewer of the images should ask himself: "Where the photographer was standing??"

In this video the work of award-winning wildlife photographers Benny Rebel is shown. See how the MikroKopter was used for these recordings.


Landscape photography

Just like for inspections, the MikroKopter is ideally suited for taking pictures of events and landscapes. It does not matter whether it is used in flat land or in the mountains at high altitude.


In 1787 the Irishman Robert Barker applied for a patent in Edinburgh, which was described as „a complete view of a landscape or situation as it appears to the observer when he turns around“.
Since then, the possibilities for taking such panoramas have multiplied enormously. With the MikroKopter, breathtaking and high-resolution panoramas from lofty heights are possible. And planning for photo shoots is quick and easy with the MikroKopter-Tool.

By professionals, for professionals

Photographers like Volker Lannert deliberately chose the MikroKopter. His creative energy paired with MikroKopter technology result in a synergy that is clearly reflected in Lannerts wonderful aerial photos. More pictures can be found in his Blog.