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The MK8-2500

Proven technology even more compact

Thanks to the telescopic boom, the MK8-2500 only needs a small 600x600mm space for transport. For the flight, the booms are then pulled out. This makes the MK8-2500 powerful and easy to fly.
Whether photo camera, measuring sensors or special solution. A universal holding device allows you to decide freely about the payload to be carried. So you can customize the scope of supply according to your needs.


The basic features:


- Payload up to 2,5kg
- Long flight time
- High, stable landing gear (about 28cm passage height)
- Power and efficiency through new powerful motors and control units 
- More safety through AutoComingHome / AutoLanding at lower LiPo power or reception loss
- redundancy due to 2-way design of the control (optional)

Prospekt Download: