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The OktoXL 6S12

The workhorse among the copters

Light, yet super stable - the OktoXL 6S12. Thanks to the light aluminum / carbon frame, a large payload of up to 2.5kg is possible. And no matter whether it is a photo camera, measuring sensor or special solution. The OktoXL 6S12 fits exactly what you need for your job. In this way, you can adapt the purpose of use according to your needs.

The basic features::

  • Carbon reinforced boom
  • Ready to use quickly
  • Basic weight only 2660g
  • Payload up to 2,5kg
  • Long flight time
  • Flight altitude up to 5km above sea level
  • High, stable landing gear (about 27cm passage height)
  • Power and efficiency through new powerful motors and control units 
  • More safety through AutoComingHome / AutoLanding at lower LiPo power or reception loss
  • Redundancy due to 2-way design of the control (optional)


Prospekt Download: