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Features and Functions of the 6sTHERMO


  • The 6sTHERMO defies winds with a strength of up to 6 Beaufort
  • Transmission of the live image / thermographic image on a LCD screen
  • Stable frame construction with reinforced carbon fiber shell combined with maximum weight efficiency
  • Thermographic cameras from all major manufacturers are supported
  • Safety features: Redundancy, CareFree 2.0, FailSafe, (dynamic) PositionHold, Auto-ComingHome, Autostart + Autolanding >>> more features
  • On MikroKopter technology based and tuned MC 32 HoTT ground station incl. audiovisual integration of all necessary telemetry information.
  • Simple and intuitive operation with high flexibility


The 6sThermo complete package

We put together a complete package for you:

  • 6sTHERMO incl. Charger, SLR2 camera mount and spare LiPo
  • Specially adapted Graupner  ground station
  • MK "KopterTool" software package for waypoint-based flight planning
  • Detailed briefing hours in our house
  • Separated 5.8GHz video transmission path for live image transmission incl. monitor and Lipo.
  • Including video switcher to switch between IR camera and normal camera
  • Flir TAU2 IR camera
  • Regular image camera

Of course, this is only our suggestion. Adjustments are certainly possible, and of course we support you with advice and assistance, in order to find the best solution for you!