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Der 6sAGRAR - Precision Farming


  • The 6sAGRAR defies winds with a strength of up to 6 Beaufort
  • Stable frame construction with reinforced carbon fiber shell combined with maximum weight efficiency
  • Safety features: Redundancy, CareFree 2.0, FailSafe, (dynamic) PositionHold, Auto-ComingHome, Autostart + Autolanding >>> more features
  • On MikroKopter technology based and tuned MC 32 HoTT ground station incl. audiovisual integration of all necessary telemetry information.
  • Simple and intuitive operation with high flexibility

application areas:

  •  targeted actions against pests
  •  efficient fertilizer deploy (economic, prevent over-fertilization)
  • Analyse the vitality of plants (multispectral cameras)
  • Optimization of fertilizer application
  • Shedding of parasitic wasps for pest
  •  Visual inspection of areas (FPV camera)


The 6sAGRAR comlete package


We put together a complete package for you:


  • 6sAGRAR incl. Charger, SLR2 camera mount und spare LiPo
  • Specially adapted Graupner ground station
  • MK "KopterTool" software package for waypoint-based flight planning
  • Detailed briefing hours in our house
  • Separated 5.8GHz video transmission path for live image transmission incl. monitor and Lipo.
  • Including video switcher to switch between IR camera and normal camera
  • Multispectralcamera "RedEdge" (Micasense)
  • Regular image camera
  • Optional : mehr safety unsing redundancy >>> mehr Informationen